running the waves

running the waves

What a wonderful picture - you have really captured the children's exuberance - beautiful light and shadow on the skin and hair. A picture to study and learn from. On a more prosaic level - is it watercolour?- did you mask the foam? - and which colours did you use for the skin?

I agree with Judith, the light on the hair and skin is lovely making the children really exhuberant. I too woudl like to know what medium you used; you can use the edit button to edit the title and add details of medium and size. It looks more like acrylic to me but I'd love to know.

This is such a beautiful painting, you have captured the light and shadow perfectly. Is this acrylic and inks like " Last dip of the day " (my favourite with this a very close second), or is it watercolour? Whatever the medium I admire your talent.

What a wonderfully refreshing painting, You really have done a superb job.

Thankyou for your comments! To answer Judith's and Diana's questions, I used acrylics (chromacolour) and acrylic inks. I didn't mask the waves I just put acrylic over the top. That's the beauty of acrylics. As far as I can remember I used my usual cadmium yellow, bright red, and raw sienna for the skin colours with cobalt blue in the shadows to keep it light. Good to hear from you again Val - you are absolutely right - just like "Last Dip of the Day" I like your nickname Bilbow!!

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This painting was done with acrylics and acrylic inks on canvas.

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