Questionable Self Portrait


There are lots of people who don't try new things for fear of failing, well done you, Jacqueline. You will have learned a lot, what works, what doesn't. You've positioned it well, off centre, skin tones are good. Where the hairline is, is a bit harsh, next time try and soften the line. I think you've done very well.

I agree with Marjorie, keep them coming!

Good on you for having a go Jacqueline. You have managed to portray an expression of bewilderment, not an easy task, so keep on with your portraits.

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Under instruction to try a self portrait, I tried. It’s a portrait.... not a great likeness of me though!

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Jacqueline Budd

Aviation professional by day, hobby artist to relax. I haven’t had any formal art instruction & not sure I should be displaying my amateur efforts in amidst such talent. The furthest I have gone with my art is to supply pet portraits to work colleagues on request. However, I have already had some…

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