Malt Cross, Nottingham, open mic night.

Malt Cross, Nottingham, acoustic night.

your work is absolutely stunning,..I live in Nottingham too and visit quite a few live music venues..I've had a bash myself at felt tip sketch of Ian Siegal at the Running Horse (RIP)..and a painting of a blues man..( who was no one in particular) You have inspired me to try so much harder

Thankyou Carol. Very much. Nottinghamshire is a hard place to get your work "accepted" in. The gallery shops seem to want little but grazing dairy cows or boats on water. So few people seem to respond to their own surroundings these days. Thanks again.

Very energetic and full of drama. I like the play of light.

Thanks Carole. When I ran an art department I used to teach my students that the best way to capture glass or chrome is to use loads of black. I think it can have a similar effect with light.

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The performance area in the malt Cross is a relatively cramped space, accessed by a small flight of stairs on either side, and illuminated by several artificial light sources. It is the challenge of capturing that dramatic effect as well as depicting the musicians, which leads me back to this theme. The singer in this case is Will Jeffery. (Acrylic on paper, using Galleria Medium. Size 30cm x 30cm). copyright ian gordon craig

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Artist, wannabe writer, taking the people and places of the Midlands UK as my muse. You can take the boy out of the forest, but you can't take the forest out of the man.

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