Jazz Night Bell Inn, Nottingham.

Jazz Night at the Bell Inn, Nottingham.

Love the energy in the painting, almost got me feet a tappin. super

Thanks Brian. I am quite pleased with this one. I've recently gone back to using oils when it comes to large canvases. But for working this size on paper, acrylics really do the job.

Like this, Ian. Very evocative , filled with atmosphere...can feel the heat and vibration.

So this is where you spend your time Ian!! Great painting and great atmosphere you have created.

Hi Ruth, And thanks. I think this general theme of musicians playing live is one I will explore further.

Hi carole, I must say that, although I'm not a huge jazz fan, there's nothing quite like it for pub entertainment! I do tend to see quite a few semi-acoustic / folk typ[e artistes, and that's something I must do more with I think.

Striking, love the light in this one - I can hear them playing. Well done.

Thanks Jeanette, Definately a theme I will return to after the positive feedback here.

Thanks for your kind comments on mine. I was browsing through your pictures, when this one jumped out at me. So realistic, you have actually captured the music ! Have you noticed that if you look long enough, the player on the left is sometimes looking towards the audience, and then sometimes seems to look at his fellow bandsman. It is almost as though they are alive. Great.

Must have missed this one , well captured.

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The Johnny Johnstone Quintet used to play at the Bell Inn, Nottingham, each week. (Johnny Johnstone on the left). It's too dark in there to sketch much from observation, but a couple of very grainy cell phone snapshots, plus memory and a lot of artistic license, got me through. Acrylics with Galeria Medium on A3 paper. copyright ian gordon craig

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