Clumber Park Dec 31st., 2009

Clumber Park Dec 31st., 2009

Just had a peek at your very interesting website and great works, will have a better look when I haven't got hungry people gnashing at my ankles to get dinner sorted. Your sketches are works of art in themselves and the colours very apealing, so good to see images of my local past.

This is really lovely, agree with Carole on the colours, its fab.

Thanks Karleen. I think I need to learn from such commetnts. Sometimes I lose something of the freshness of these intitial studies when I go to final pieces.

I like all of your messy sketchbook works - though if you think yours are messy, you should see mine (no you shouldn't ... I take that back, and quickly hide them). The thing I have to try to avoid is doing my initial sketches in colour, because I often find that I've then said what I wanted to say, and the intended final piece never happens. If I had done your painting above, I'd have been very pleased with it, bunged a frame on it, and done my best to sell it as it is - there is some lovely colour in this, and a great sense of design.

Hang on Studio Wall

Messy A4 sketchbook. Aapture the sunset in Clumber Park on the last day of 2009. copyright ian gordon craig

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