purply aroma

purply smell

I can smell it! Wonderful Hyechong

Gorgeous painting, but the title would be better if you substituted "aroma" for "smell". From the title I was expecting a purply stink!

Thank Linda for 'aroma'. 'smell' did not feel right for the painting though, I did not come up with it. So... Thank you

Beautiful painting

Super picture.

Much improved! Perception is always influenced by expectation. Happy Christmas Hyechong and keep on painting!

Beautiful palette and love the way you painted that mass of flowers

I'm sending my thanks to all who added encouraging comments. For a while since finishing, I am not able to figure out unsatisfying parts of it. Hoping I won't spot any this time.

Hang on Studio Wall

South hill park is one of my favourite spot for a stroll. In summertime alliums and Russian lavenders are filling the air with purple. And the building is boosting the flowers to emanate the fragrances too. Hoping my memories then are well expressed on canvas(30x40cm)

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Hyechong Chung

Oil painting has become one of my largest pleasures in my life since quitting Korean teacher job. While strolling with my dog, I sometimes take a photo of the scene around and later it becomes my inspiration for painting.

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