April on Skye 11

April on Skye 11

I am by no means an expert Helen, but I would like to see a bit more definition in the far back hills. I know you need to show them receding but I think they are merging with the sky. And maybe those houses on the left hand side might need a little more shadowing. Hopefully some other artists can help you a little more. How about putting this on the Forum as a Work In Progress and you will get some more help there. It is a lovely painting though and probably just needs a few tweaks.

30 seconds with a rigger brush and this could be sorted Helen. In a nutshell it's all a bit 'wooley', basically a sharp dark stroke with a rigger to give the LH bank some definition, it looks out of focus, the eye needs a sharp resting point, try than and let's see how that looks. A damn good piece mind you as it is.

Still a lovely painting Helen. Good advice!

Looks pretty good Helen, perhaps you could pretend there is a reflection from the left hand hillside as a lead in to the scene. Or perhaps a boat or two, problem with asking for advice here is you get too much! Perhaps one of the voices will appeal to you?

Thank you Adele, Alan, and Stephen for your advice. Alan I did have a clearer shoreline on the left hand side but someone suggested it wAs too strong so I made it less so! I think I have over done it and will have a go with a rigger. Stephen my three little boats must be too small! Thank you Carole for your comment.

Sorry Helen must be my aged eyes!

As usual, I will have my pennyworth! It's a lovely painting, Helen, but might I suggest a couple of large-ish interesting rocks in the lower foreground, perhaps over to the left a bit, to stop the painting from draining away through the bottom of the canvas.

Thank you for your suggestion Lionel I'll ponder on it.

I like this painting, Helen, and I think it is rather beautiful just the way it is.

Thank you Cesare your comment means a lot to me.

Well Helen, I opened your painting up because it caught my eye and to me it is just right. No need for anything else.

Just seen your comment thank you Sarah. I have fiddled with it but not a lot i' m going to leave it alone now.

Lovely work Helen a minute a weak here or there as the others said would finish it , maybe a couple of streaks across the water and a bit of shadowing on the buildings and that's it ... Either way excellent work

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Acrylic on 61 X 61 cm canvas. I think this is lacking something but not sure what. Can you help?

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