Woodland sunshine

Woodland sunshine

Looks pretty good to me Helen. Lovely textures in the trees and a good range of greens.

I didn't intend to log in and comment on anything, but I couldn't resist complimenting you on your bold and expressive use of greens. I love this.

Appreciate your comments very much Stephen and Kim, thank you.

Beautiful Summer greens, good contrasts too.

Thank you Carole.

You have achieved something a lot of us fear Helen, GREEN'S! What a cracking job you've made of them.

Well, the big thing here is that you tackled the dreaded greens - with which so many have so much trouble. And you've produced a very attractive image, with plenty of sunlight and corresponding shadows, which can bring paintings to life so effectively. What are you unhappy with? I think the path could have benefited from some strong shadows thrown across it, which would have been in keeping with the bright sunshine, and maybe some darker touches under the verges of the path, to tie the grasses in to the surface of it rather than just abut it (see Alan Owen's work and YouTube demos for good advice on this). Plus maybe some sharper touches in the right foreground, to increase the depth (although you've already got good depth) and very slightly more freedom when painting the tree trunks, which are just a little bit regular and neat. But you don't want a lot of clashing detail - I think the eye is drawn to the light patch just off the centre of the painting, and you were right to leave that as it was and not try to fill it with detail. You could do a favour to our green-phobics by telling them how you achieved yours - not being afraid to use strong darks with a good clean yellow so they stayed transparent is, I suspect, your secret.

Thank you Fiona and Robert for giving feedback, I'm thrilled you should take the trouble. I agree with your points about the path and trees. I use SAA watercolour paints, lemon yellow, sap green, hookers green and mixed these up a bit, some yellow ochre in places but not a lot because it's more opaque. I darkened the hookers green with burnt sienna and French ultra marine blue in various degrees. I splashed with paint and also clear water.

You greens look fresh, varied and have depth, so in that you have achieved what many struggle with (me very much in the forefront!). Your portrayal of light is lovely and makes the painting really sing. I hear what Robert is saying but I like the ratio of lost and found edges in the painting and think that the defined tree trunks provide a good balance to the looseness of the foliage. I know what it is to feel dissatisfied with a painting, but you should feel confident that this one has worked well.

Thank you Thea it means a lot coming from someone who is expert at translucency in your painting.

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Painted from a photograph taken when out walking. Just wanted to capture the light and lovely greenery but I find it very difficult and there is much about this I am not happy with. Advice welcome.

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