Portrait in pencil

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This is really lovely.

How lovely is this - a stunner Gudrun

What a delight Gudrun. Horses are not easy things to get right. You have done so brilliantly .

So well drawn, the attentive mum, and the foal trying to work out what his legs are for.

What a delight Gudrun.

I love the horse’s head Gudrun, shows a loving mother to the foal.

It shows the fragility of new life and new motherhood beautifully Gudrun.

Great Sketch Gudrun

Really sweet, what a composition

Thank you all for your appreciation. You might have guessed horses are my passion in addition to art.

Beautiful delicate horse drawing, brilliant.

A wonderful drawing Gudrun!

This is beautiful. I've owned and ridden horses all my life, and you have captured this mare and foal so accurately - but you've also caught the love and the bond between them.

Thank you Bobbie. I am pleased I have managed to portray this as that is what drew me to this image.

I only just spotted this on the banner Gudrun. How lovely it is, with the little foals wobbly legs and mothers tender nudge, gorgeous drawing.

Hang on Studio Wall

Archival, pencil on 20x20cm paper. As always a nightmare to photograph. This is a 'new mum'.

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"The good painter has to paint two principal things, that is to say, man and the intention of his mind. The first is easy and the second difficult, because the latter has to be represented through gestures and movements of the limbs." (MK388) From: Leonardo da Vinci: The Graphic Work, p16, J…

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