Drawing - not quite what I was looking for ...


I love the line of this very much. I agree entirely with you about frame of mind as I’ve binned two paintings this last few weeks after several days work

I still like this one.

wonderful sketch, Gudrun.

Wow, what a pose and I like it Gudrun despite what you say ... the lines and shapes are wonderful

Thank you for your appreciation. Looking at this I have got the essentials and a flow, but I misjudged the size. Too small paper, wrong shape of paper, or do I just like BIG? I will do this again. I just love the flow and shape. I lost the flow in my ink version. The sun is out today so I will be able to see better!

Nice one Gudrun. Diagonals always work well. I only wish I could bend like this now!

It must be catching Gudrun! I’ve had a couple of trips to the recycling bin....lol Although you’re not happy with the outcome, it still has some lovely passages.

Some more thanks for your appreciation. I have done another which I shall post at an opportune moment. I need the laptop to resize picture etc etc. Nor is the light very good again.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sometimes you have to just follow your first instinct, and the first instinct today was to read my book! I wish I had as this is not what I was aiming for. I also tried a pure ink version and that has been binned as it just did not deliver what I was after!! However, it goes to prove that this art thing depends on inspiration and the right frame of mind. This beautiful dancer will re-appear in a different version in due course, but not today. 20x20cm archival if that is relevant to this one!!

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