A bit of Bob Ross


Beautiful summit, lovely bold strokes

Good one Heidi

Nice one Heidi, the mountain is superb, just feel the clump of trees in the right foreground could have been a little darker to give ‘distance’ but that’s just me. I personally liked Bob Ross for what he achieved.

Thank you very much - it was a great challenge! I totally agree Michael. To be honest by the time I got to the foreground, I was losing patience!! Because I was painting along as he did it, the paint was so slippery and I just couldn't get any definition. The colours were sliding and mixing (only the 2nd time I've ever used oils and totally different way of working for me!) I would guess anyone working in oils would wait for each layer to dry and then add more colour!

A bit of Bob Ross well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

My take on a Bob Ross painting called Mountain Summit. I've only ever used oils once before - they're a medium I've avoided for a long time! I threw myself in at the deep end and did a 'paint-along' with Bob

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