Clap for our NHS carers tonight 8pm


A timely reminder.

Not forgetting our Community Mental Health teams who work without any PPE! Like my daughter💙

This is so emotional Carole. Best wishes to your brave daughter and hope she keeps safe.

It’s so wrong Carole, something has to be done about PPE urgently. Nice tribute again.

And all the workers everywhere - delivery men, shop assistants etc who have been and are there for us.

Thanks all for kind comments Hear hear Heather! 👏🏻

Most certainly will do Carole. It was really quite emotional last week and so nice to see all our neighbours giving their support to our NHS. Apparently down another local road the residents were all singing 'land of Hope and Glory'. I had to smile when I heard that but it's so good that people are pulling together to show their appreciation. Thanks to your daughter and keep well x

Another good thing to come of this is that neighbours who have previously never spoken to each other are now. From a distance! We had a note pushed through our letter box offering us help should we need it. We were very relieved to learn that all our neighbours had the same note. Not just the older ones!!

It was very emotional last week and I’m sure it will be tonight too. So inspiring to see everyone is looking out for each other.

That is very good Louise, it is not only the old who may need help. Yes it is Christine, stay safe x

We were worried that we were considered to be old which was why we were relieved to learn that everyone got the same note. lol

Our thoughts are with them all, Carole. What is happening is truly horrendous, a reminder of what, many, have for many years taken for granted, not any more, I hope.

Posted by C Jones on Thu 02 Apr 12:31:53

Ah ah never Louise! Thank you Ceri, we hope! x

It’s a date!

Another lovely tribute Carole, hope the PPE situation improves very soon

A beautiful emotional tribute Carole and I do hope that your daughter stays safe. It is ironic that here (N.Z.) our lowest paid workers are the ones we really need now, whereas some of the highly paid occupations not really essential. Don't expect anything will change though.

Thank you Sandra. Yes you are right! Our very brave NHS and people caring and volunteering to help NHS , all to keep us safe. Building construction next door carrying on with non essential house building! Workers all together!

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