Third and Final!

Third and Final!

I love that sky Fiona with those soft clouds above the pale distant hills. The light colour scheme continues into the foreground bushes and the two main trees balance each other. Definitely my favourite of the series.

Well done Fiona it could not be improved

The clouds work really well Fiona a soft but active sky coming down on the left through the right hand trees and back up the left. Giving a great U shape all combined with your great esciptive pen work and colours, love it.

Sorry meant coming down on right

I do like this one Fiona, a great job, not overstated or overworked, just right as it is.

Bleak and beautiful. Well done Fiona. I like those distant snow covered hills.

Fabulous piece of work Fiona.

This looks perfect now Fiona I think it's finished and what's more I love it.

Thanks very much Stephen, Dennis, Malcolm, Andre, Michael, Peter for your very kind was worth having another go at it.

It's perfect Fiona, I love the feeling and emotion that goes with it, so much passion, I LOVE IT :)

Your style is so recognisable, lovely artwork

I never know when to abandon an idea that isn't working, but your perseverance has paid off Fiona, truly delightful little sketch, it all works, well done.

This one is great Fiona, love the sky and soft hills in background. Third time lucky!

I like this Fiona, there's a lot of work in that tree.

Works so well Fiona with just the right amount of colour.

Maria, Glennis, Alan, Carole, Frank and glad you like this version, thanks very much for your much appreciated feedback.

Thanks Derek!!

Love this one Fiona. The sky is especially beautiful.

Thank you very much Karen.

Like this third version, great fresh soft sky, well done for your perseverance Fiona a nice piece, like it .

Great stuff Fiona and that&#39;s a splendid piece of work , the bank of cloud on the right along with the bush perfectly balance the piece , anyone tells you to do another ignore them :) <br /><br />Wishing you a great Christmas and a splendid new year

Worth the effort! You are using the new yellow? Whatever the colour, I love the effect it has.

Thank you very much Graham. <br /><br />Do another???!!! Dermot I wouldn&#39;t be responsible for my actions if anyone asked me that!!! lol. Thank you very much for your continued support through this saga. Merry Christmas.<br /><br />Thanks very much Gudrun, yes the new yellow....Indian Yellow... it&#39;s very strong.

The third and definitely the best Fiona. I like the use of the yellow. Whenever I use that colour it always looks wrong somehow, but in your paintings it always looks so right.<br />Thank you for your message it was much appreciated and I hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a good New Year. Happy Painting!

Thank you Val, best wishes to you....X

Hi Fiona I already commented on this . I would like to say thanks for your comments throughout the year but thank you mostly for remembering my Charlie in you Christmas greetings . You and your family have a wonderful time Fiona.

You are welcome Dennis. Charlie is very special to you and I couldn&#39;t leave him out....he&#39;s your family too! I hope you&#39;ve got his stocking tucked under the tree!lol Best wishes X

Lovely artwork! I particularly like the detailed work in the tree.

Thank you Christine.

Hi Fiona <br />thankyou for your lovely comments on my work<br /><br />love your water colours and this pen &amp; wash <br />I know how you feel about not wanting to produce another picture of the same view.<br />Its hard enough being satisfied with the end result let alone pleasing others.Trouble with this passion for painting it turns into an obsession.<br />My charcoal drawing did take a while I used different charcoal willow and charcoal pencils &#39;I worked it up initially with light and medium tones and as you guessed used a putty rubber to pick out highlights and going back with darker charcoal .Not mentioned I also used graphite sticks.<br />any way keep up the good work<br />best wishes <br />David <br />

I like the colours that you have used. The spacial perspective works well.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen &amp; wash. At last, one I'm half satisfied with! No defining detail in the background which is an improvement in itself I think. Hope you like this one...let me know if you don't...but I'm NOT doing another!!lol

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