Quick pen & wash

Quick pen & wash

This is just so elegant. I just love your trees. Interesting overlay of colour. This has cheered me up. I seem to have lost my photo refs for my project that I want to start today. Tried to print them off again ... no ink ....

This is super, Fiona - the sketch of the trees is excellent. Love the variation of lines and the accents in all the right places.

Agree elegant beautiful trees and a suggestion of space so effectively done . A quick one at the end of a session can be so rewarding Fiona

How frustrating Gudrun, hope you managed to save the situation and thank you for your lovely words. Thank you also Seok, Dennis and Glennis, your comments are always much appreciated.

Very elegant indeed! Fiona, I would like to see these lovely trees with just pen and ink on white paper with no background to see the effect. Challenge?

Carole, Sarah, Satu many thanks Ladies for your continued support! Satu, you're on!

A really lovely piece, Fiona. I would love to see some more of your "quick pen and wash sketches". (How quick is quick and what size is the work?).Many thanks for your recent note on my Two Cows. Things are beginning to look up! If it goes on like this, I might even try my hand at painting again!

This looks so simple and beautiful. Well done.

Yes Lionel, do get back into painting....please! I go to a small art group on Friday mornings and if I've completed all I want to do on my main project I pack it away and do somethig simple and quick. The group is held in the church and there are always lots of beautiful flowers around, so I usually do flowers. But last week I noticed the birch trees in the grounds and fancied a change from flowers. Didn't want to bother with all the background so wet the page and droped colour in ( I hadn't taken the palette with the brighter watercolours in, that's why the colours are pretty dull, I used landscape colours) I stick it on the radiator to dry then apply the ink. Took about 10mins to do and 5mins to dry. Size is 16"x12" I think. Thank you for your lovely comment Lionel.X I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! Sorry, this has turned into a bit of a novel. Lol.

Thank you Kal!

Just catching up on the galkery postings Fiona and up pops this! I really like it for it's simplicity the colours enhance the tree beautifully.

Many thanks Christine.

Love the way you use the pen and washes etc.. they look really fantastic, I have not chanced my hand at this media yet but seeing your wonderful pictures I must try. Thank you for the inspiration Fiona.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen & wash. A quick sketch done at the end of Friday morning art group.

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