Project Sketch - Bowling Club

Project Sketch - Bowling Club

It's great Fiona and your reflections in the windows are so good.

Like this Fiona particularly the reflections in the windows and all those chimney pots.I think I'm enjoying this project as much as you !!

It’s lovely Fiona, I especially like the building behind.

Lovely Fiona. Looking forward to the coloured version, especially the reflections in the windows.

That's a smashing sketch, Fiona. The reflections work very well indeed and the scene really does look like a bowling club/hut. Looking forward to the colour version. Bri

Dennis, Margaret, Carol, Satu, Mia, Margaret, Gudrun, Brian.....thank you all for your continued support during this project.

Looking forward to the colour version of this excellent sketch.

Bowled over by it.

You've got the perspective of those distant buildings spot on Fiona which I would have found extremely difficult. Looking forward to seeing it in colour.

Good luck with the colour version Fiona. Some excellent drawing, particularly the building's at the rear of the hut. It does rather sit there like a big lump, let's see how you tackle it!

I like the reflections in the windows and the pattern on the roof and the background, the rooftops , chimneys...

Many thanks folks for your comments and apologies for my late appreciation.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sketchbook and pencil. It wasn’t so much the bowling hut but the patterns and reflections in the windows that attracted me to this subject. It was late afternoon and the colours and shapes are the reflections of the surrounding cherry trees. Looks a bit flat and it won’t come to life until I do the colour version.....hopefully, the right hand gable isn’t correct, too wide.

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