Last Silage Cut

Last Silage Cut

I like this a lot, Fiona. Love the colours and spontaneous movement and marks.

Wonderful pastel Fiona, beautiful colours and lovely scene.

Lovely painting Fiona .

I love it Fiona! Unusual palette and great markings.

It might have been a bargain buy, but this is good quality work!

Looks really expressive, love the mark making! So direct and assured!

Like impressionistic look Fiona

Like this Fiona -rather brighter colours than your usual palette. Looks like you got a good bargain this morning.

Great picture Fiona and a great bargain, love the foreground you look like you had fun with the colours!!!

Lovely colours Fiona, and a nice loose feel to this. What a lucky purchase!

A beautiful view of the fields ,love the background and the hedge between the fields.Very energetic.

Lovely loose painting, Fiona.

What a bargain! Great pastel too Fiona, vibrant colours.

Thank you all very much for commenting, your encouraging greatly appreciated. I managed to purchase another pastel pad, again unused, all for the princely sum of £1!

This is lovely Fiona, you were lucky to get that bargain. Nice pastel work.

I really like the marks, Fiona; especially the hedge which I assume was painted with the side of the pastel. It's interesting to see all your works which depict the view down your garden to the fields and hills beyond: all different.

lovely spontaneous sketch quite often these sketches are more fulfilling than a long drawn out process you are very versatile Fiona keep up the excellent work

Beautiful and vibrant Fiona.

Lovely, lively, sketch Fiona - and great colours.

you obviously have the right sort of car boot sales and the right sort of inspiration on your doorstep. Looks as though you enjoyed yourself - and it shows.

A bargain Fiona, this a beautiful lively sketch.

Well fiona, this is a unique piece for you I think it's very loose I like that approach.. Importantly I need to go to your carboot.... Can I put an order in for artist quality acrylics.... I'll pay the postage 😀😉 at them prices it's worth a weekend up north 😁

Full of energetic marks that instantly caught my attention, Fiona.

Posted on Mon 10 Sep 13:37:50

Many thanks everyone for your wonderful comments and feedback! I’ll be taking requests for art materials at the start of nexts year’s car boot Your request is noted Alan.

Lovely composition and mark making Fiona

Thanks Georgina!

Seems you had a lot of fun with your bargain and the end product is very good.

Thank you Richard....we all love a bargain don’t we!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on Sennelier pastel card. A quick sketch to try out a bargaining at the carboot this morning, brand new pad of 12 pastel card £1.50. The view is from the patio window of the fields after their final cut of the year for silage. The green blob is meant to be a willow arch (side view) on the path into the wildlife garden......

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