Achenmalg, Luce Bay

Achenmalg, Luce Bay

Lovely marks Fiona, you've caught it with just a few details.

A lovely little sketch Fiona I like the way you have left clean paper.

Thanks Marjorie, I was being rushed! Lol Carole thank you. My husband said, that isn’t very good there is too much background showing through. He doesn’t get the ‘sketch’ bit! Lol

I'd decided what my comment would be before I read the others. A really good variety of marks and textures in the rocks and foreground grasses. I always like pastels which leave a lot of paper showing. The grey paper showing here works very well.

Beautiful sketch, Fiona, and great marks.

Nice one Fiona. The artist will not be denied regardless of where or when....(-:

Lovely sketch, Fiona.

Something I must do more of myself Fiona, I like it.

effective "less is more" sketching which has worked very well.

You have made every stroke count, Fiona, the sky is fabulous. A fresh piece of work.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 07 Jul 06:24:17

Expect you shared a bottle of stout as well!. We are all doing seascapes at the moment, this is superb Fiona, and how lucky to be at the scene.

Lovely sketch - and good sense of place - I thought "Scotland" before I saw your name or name of sketch!

Great sketch Fiona, you have really caught the essence of the scene.

Sounds like you had a nice day Fiona, a good lunch, followed by sketching a lovely scene. I do think pastel is well suited to quick sketches, people overload the paper, adding more and more. Whereas this simple statement gives all the info we need to describe the scene before you.

I love sketches, this one is just grand. Done so well, so obviously your lunch wasn't too much of the liquid variety.

Love the immediacy and looseness of this Fiona.

Lovely simple colour and composition makes a great little painting Fiona, like it 😀

Very effective sketch Fiona -I agree with the idea that less is more in this case. I like it.

A great way to let you digest a good meal Fiona! I can tell that you were in a chilled state of mind. Lovely!

That's lovely Fiona, I like the way the paper shows through, it's very effective.

Just gorgeous, Fiona. You really manage to get a sense of place wherever you paint. Luce=light??? Certainly looks like it in this!

Oh! just read your comment...ignore hubbies, I've recently discovered, having sold pieces recently disliked by mine!!! LOL!

Hi Roger, thank you! Thank you Cesare, glad you like it. Quite right Jim! I was staying put until done........thanks. Thanks Seth appreciated. The pub lunch or the sketching Charles? Thanks very much. It’s usually more with me Mike, I’m training myself to do less! Thank you. Thank you very much Carol, very kind.

No Alan, that’s Friday supper we share a stout! I had orange juice and Jules had a shandy....we know how to live it up......😉 Yes it was a beautiful day with a breeze coming off the sea so not too uncomfortable. Thank you darling! Thank you Margaret, appreciate your comment. Thanks Alita! It was a lovely day Stephen, a lunch with friends then a spot of sketching....perfect. Not on this occasion Lewis, although it may have been a better sketch if it had been! Thanks very much.

Carole, Linda, Carol......thank you ladies for taking the time to comment. X I was Sarah but not chilled to the point of falling over! lol many thanks. Thanks very much Margaret, I wanted to keep it sketchy.

Lol......I know Thalia, what do they know!! I’ll be sure to show him the feedback on this! Lol Thank you very much.

You area very confident Artist Fiona, congratulations.

David thank you very much for your generous comment.

Great pastel work.

Thanks Shaun, very kind of you.

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Small pastel and charcoal sketch done from the local hostelry car park, after a very nice lunch!

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