Kirstie’s Monster Challenge....Sock Dragon ??

Kirstie’s Monster Challenge....Sock Dragon ??

Ooh looks a little demon! I have one of those 😡

I've got one as well..!!!

Great idea Fiona, so that's where the all go 😁😁😁

Like it Fiona, loosing my socks, I thought my mind was going, but it appears not. You have solved it.

I have other little monsters around the house, not including ‘himself’ of course. Thanks for the challenge Kirstie, good one.

Same here Fiona - a right or left sock muncher of a washing machine and a teaspoon always left at the bottom of the sink!

That’s the one Kirstie! Thanks Dennis! Ah, I was forgetting the sink monster you.

Hiding in the washing machine, wouldn't last long in there with my socks. Think I've got one in my heating system.

Wonderful imagination, love it.

Thanks very much Andre, Sandra. Andre, nothing deters the sock

Thanks Margaret.

Liove it, Fiona! Like a scene from Game of Thrones! You are not by any chance a mother of dragons are you!?

Thank you Chandra. No not a mother of Dragons but I can breathe fire like one, when in the mood! Lol

Hang on Studio Wall

I’m probably not the only one who has this little monster about the house...... he has a voracious appetite for socks, only one sock of a pair mind you.

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