End of the Day

End of the Day

Nice one Fiona, looks as if you caught the sky well. May I ask what paper you use for your pastels

Woops hit the return key to quick. so P.S. I have tried Daler Rowney Pastel (New Gain New Colours) Pad. but find that the pastel does not seem to like it.

Thank you David. This paper is just a cheap heavy weight sugar paper, it will take most mediums, I use it for oil sketches as well. I get it from the tutor of the art class I go to....10 pence for a quarter imperial sheet. The other paper I use for pastels is Canson mi-teintes, I'm new to pastels so have no experience of other papers to be honest David.

Pastel brings out the colour in you Fiona. Not around much as I have my little shop to see too running up to Christmas.

Smashing pastel, Fiona, wonderful colours and shapes. Great atmosphere.

Love how you captured the low cloud Fiona I also love the colours in your sky very attractive.

You got the gist of it though it's lovely Fiona.

Nice effect working at speed Fiona. You made me smile there with your mention of sugar paper. Haven't seen that since junior school art classes with poster paints. (-:

Love the unblended and contrast Fiona

Thank you for your advice Fiona, next time I'm in my local art shop I will investigate further.

I love it when the sky does that at the end of a dull day. Do you live near this scene? If so , I envy you as its beautiful. I like the atmosphere of the scene and the pinks look so dramatic in contrast to the darker mountains

It's fantastic. Very evocative of that fleeting wild moment

But the gist you got - good work F

Lovely Fiona, I think you are really getting the hang of pastels.

Beautiful scenery Fiona! I don't know anything about pastels but I have seen people using something very smooth and velvety which seems to take the pastels very well.

Thanks ever so much everyone for your encouraging comments, you spur me on!

Love the mix of colours in this Fiona, especially that pink! Your pastel work has a lovely softness to it.

Love the mix of colours in this Fiona, especially that pink! Your pastel work has a lovely softness to it.

Thanks very much Jenny.

Love the immediacy of the piece Fiona, lively and energetic in fact, just like me...

You caught it beautifully Fiona, love that sky.

Lol.....thanks Al! Many thanks Val, maybe a tad over done but it seemed right.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel. It's rained most of the day here but just before it started to get dark, the sky turned pink and the mist started to rise. I didn't have long to get the gist of it.

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