'Treacle Pond'

'Treacle Pond'

I like this very much it's a windswept day to me.

like your spirit of adventure you can be good in any medium you try like your style Fiona the warm tone of the paper really works well

I think they look great and certainly have your stamp there, Fiona. Love the unusual colours too.

Nice one Fiona..love the colours here.

Well Fi - what was all the fuss about? Very good, and you've tackled trees! I haven't dared to do that yet. I love the scratchy pastels as I am aiming for that style eventually. I couldn't do that with my painting because it might have looked a bit odd. At the moment I'm trying to pick out another photo, but I don't want another sunset or similar and everything I have got seems to be a bit hard for me. Might just have to bite the bullet.

For me it represents very well the 'Treacle Pond', which was about half a mile from where I live and which now has houses on it. A boyhood adventure visit, it was ,very rural, then, and a mysterious place to visit. Something primordial about it. Those are the willow trees which grew around it. Don't fall in it otherwise you will be lost forever. The excitement and fear is still recalled. Thanks for creating it again for me Fiona. I'm trembling.

Lovely fence and foreground foliage, Fiona.

Great lively pastel Fiona, your use of white really activates this,

I am liking these pastel works very much Fiona, full of energy and you have a good style, not overworked with awful scrubbing and blending, the trees are fine, well done.

Fantastic Fiona , that's you and this is lovely and I like it .

I think you did great, Fiona I love that wild winswept feel of the piece and those energetic marks and lines.

Great effort Fiona. Love the colours.

Many thanks Donna, David.....are you going to set your spirit free? Satu, Louise.....not a bridge in sight! Adele, you can do it, I have every faith in you. Go on scare yourself, choose a subject completely out of your comfort zone! Try limiting yourself to a certain number of marks, use the background colour as the majority of your colour. I look forward to seeing the result. Michael, I hope you have recovered from your fright, I love your story. In fact, I'm going to re-title this and call it the 'Treacle Pond'...if you have no objection. Thank you.

Thanks very much Jennifer, Carole, Dennis and Alan....you've made my day!

Seok and Henry thank you both very much.

Very lively, Fiona. I love the colours!

Well that's what it is Fiona! I'd be honoured if it was entitled such. Thank you and have a good week. Keep them coming.

Super expressive work Fiona. Just a hint of your style in this. Very nice.

Love foreground Fiona, but what about the sky, hmm

I love this loose get out down style fiona... It's a hit.....

Very lovely Fiona, love the title.

Many thanks Mia, appreciate your comment. Treacle Pond it is then Michael, thank you, have a good painting week yourself. What.....don't you like the sky John?lol That's my, "arhhhh don't know what I'm doing", kind of sky! I put the sky in last, not a good plan and lesson learnt, as the say in modern politics. I could always crop the sky off..... Thanks Alan.....glad you like it! Thanks very much David, appreciate your comment.

I love the spidery marks which add such interest - and I use the word spidery in the nicest sort of way

Of course it's called Fiona's short hand. Lol

This is very beautiful, Fiona, I like much the colours and the marks.

They're pretty good trees Fiona it's a pretty good pastel

Thank you very much Margaret. I don't mind the arachnid comparison at all Michael....lol John perhaps I could fashion a new wave of 'arachnid shorthand art'...lol Thank you Cesare, you are always so kind. You're burning the oil pretty late Dermot....I think the trees need some work but not bad for a first go!! Thanks!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pastel on sugar paper, I thought trees were difficult enough to do in watercolour...ha...much more practice needed on the tree front!lol

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