Hypothermic Poppies

Hypothermic Poppies

Well, I&#39;m genuinely impressed Fiona, great textures and well done for giving it your best shot. Now, wasn&#39;t that fun?<br />

Gorgeous, Fiona! I love the thick paint, it leaves fantastic marks. Proves what can be done in less than six minutes. (I wouldn&#39;t mind a thermal vest too! I&#39;m in Finland at it&#39;s very cold for the season.)

Wow Fiona, this is really lovely! The touches of white and yellow are inspirational. Another blue painting to relieve the boredom of my now 6th hour at Split Airport, plane has now left Gatwick and due here in a couple of hours for the return flight. Happy days! PS: at least it&#39;s warm!

Well, I have a thermal vest so will be quite happy with a runners up prize..LOL. This is wonderful Fiona, only snag, you went overtime by 52 seconds so might not qualify... Seriously, it just goes to show what can result from painting quickly like this. Such spontaneity, life and fun. What a result!

Love the title as well :)

Yes, it was tremendous fun Alan....what&#39;s next? No time to worry about all the things that bog us down when facing a blank canvas/paper.<br />Satu, that&#39;s two of us that would like a vest for the prize then, thank you for your comment.<br />Many thanks Christine. Sorry you&#39;re stuck, take advantage and do an ipad 5min, blue challenge! The hours will whizz by....hopfully!<br />Yes Louise, I failed on the time limit but I AM blue! Really enjoyed it, except the going outside part!Lol. Thanks very much.

This is super, Fiona, with its lovely textures and, of course, all that lovely blue! The odd touch of some other colour isn&#39;t major and I think this one is a great example of the blue theme. No prize I&#39;m afraid (apart from feeling virtuous for taking part?).

Love the impasto, would make a great bathroom tile. Well done.

This is really pretty Fiona as Fred says this would make a great design for a tile.

Well used up Fiona a special piece

Like everyone, I love the texture!

Many thanks Thea, hope you are working on the next challenge, make it an easy one won&#39;t you.<br />Thanks Fred, Carole and Gudrun for taking a look, glad you like it.

Thank you very much Dennis, Marjorie much appreciated. Marjorie, I think the texture is due to using a knife and the lack of fiddling, thanks again.

That is lovely Fiona and in only five minutes too. I like the way you&#39;ve used the paint to sculpt the petals especially the way that top one folds over.<br />Thank you for your very kind messages over the last few months X

Really lovely!

I love it Fiona, feels so spontaneous

I can&#39;t NOT like this Fiona with these lovely blues. On my computer screen it looks more like Cobalt blue...... I think one is supposed to &quot;set&quot; (don&#39;t know the word) it to get the colours accurate! Anyway what I can see is very pleasing ; those touches of white and lots of texture.

Love the texture Fiona, another great blue and good to know you made use of all that paint!

Thank you all very much for taking the time to comment, much appreciated. Avril, the majority of the background is Cerulean and white mix with a bit of ultra marine towards the center and the petals are a mix of pure cerulean and cerulean/white. Leaves and stem in ultra. Thanks again!

I&#39;ve come back for another look and I still like it a lot. Keep this standard up Fiona, it&#39;s aggressive, positive, lively, and above all... CONFIDENT.<br />And it&#39;s got the most comments, damn...

Lol, Alan. Thank you very much for your encouragement, it means a lot to have your support. <br />You could learn a great deal from me, you know......lol.

Nice one, at least I&#39;m going off to bed laughing, great stuff. Good night...

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on mount board. Some of you will know I have been battling to use up a huge tube of Cerulean blue, on and off, before it dried up, because the top broke. Blue challenge? Here's my chance to get rid of it at last! So nipped out to the garden in the wind and rain...well, the wind and the 5 minute part of the challenge felt like hours. Failed on both counts really; I've used a touch of white and yellow....and it took me 5 mins 52 secs. But on the plus side, my tube of Cerulean is smaller!Lol. If there is a prize for this challenge.....can it be a thermal vest?

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