View of Windermere 2

View of Windermere 2

Another good one, I like the colors, you've handled the greens well, a difficult color to use, not that I would know. :-) I think I prefer the other one but they're both good. I think this would be even better if it was square and you cropped off the right hand side.

Posted by K 0 on Thu 16 Jan 12:05:04

Lovely brush strokes Fiona.

Kevin I tried your idea of cropping the righthand side're right it does improve the composition. Thanks for the suggestion and the comment.

Cheers Carole, I'll be inflicting version 3 on the gallery in a few days, would really appreciate it if you could let me know if the brush work is improved from this one.

Fiona I hope you see this as a suggestion-not a crit. Recession is good but to me the far fells come too far forward. Would fewer hard edge small shapes indicating the slope of the near right hand fells be worth exploring either by fewer shapes or some soft edges. The big shape did need broken up for interest but is it too fussy? Just a thought to be ignored if it is daft.

I would never ignore any suggestions Alan, whats the point of posting paintings....when you're learning, as I am......then ignore good advise. I hope you will bear with me to my final painting(version 3) which I will post next. I think you will find I have addressed some of the areas you have pointed out...hopefully. Thank you for taking the time to look at, and make your observations on this picture Alan.

Your paintings are always so lively Fiona and this is no exception. My favourite bit is the sky and the way you've depicted the hills on the far side of Lake Windermere.

Thank you Val!

another gem Fiona, these country and mountain views you are painting are really super

Another great painting and super use of the dreaded greens. I think the first one is my favourite mainly because is was more of a sweeping vista and impressive for that reason. This one is moodier and feels as if the threat of rain is in the air. It is very atmospheric and I particularly like your treatment of the distant hills. Well done for keeping going with this subject and exploring it in depth.

The first one is more open than this one, but this one creates, as Thea has said, a different mood. I shouldn't comment until I have taken up my open challenge!

Ros, Thea, Gudrun thank you ladies for sticking with me on this journey! There's a version THREE!!!!! That's it though, no number four...for now anyhow.

Beautifully done, Fiona! I love the immediacy of the brushwork and the atmospheric perspectie, so superbly rendered!

Hang on Studio Wall

Version two of the above view. I thought, in my ignorance, that zooming in on the view would possibly be an easier option......not so much to paint? Wrong, still struggled with the space, the cooler and warmer tones etc. Anyway there is always version 3!!!! Thanks for looking. Usual paper and same palette.

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