Across the Moss


Excellent ghostly quality to the tree , I like this a lot.

Thank you Andrew, appreciate your feedback.

Excellent depiction Fiona, some rather nice marks on the grasses. I won’t mention the horizon being a tad central - because it looks fine!

I really like this Fiona !

A super atmospheric painting Fiona. Really like the colours and lines in the foreground which add movement and so much to the overall composition. Always like to see your work here. x

Fantastic Fiona, I love the movement.


Love that tree Fiona it's full of life in contrast to the grasses. Lovely painting.

Thanks Alan! You just did mention the glad you approve....x Thank you Linda, very kind. Hi Louise, you are very generous thank you, always appreciate your comments. Stevan, many thanks! Thank you David! Willie, thank you for looking and commenting. I take your reference to the tree as a huge pat on the head, you do great trees!

This is wonderful Fiona, I love it.

It's that tree again isn't it. I like this version the best far.

A lovely painting Fiona. I like the way you have use the oil pastels to create additional detail. Did you use acrylic paper for this?

Thanks very much Denise! Oh no Marjorie, am I becoming predictable?! Yes it’s that tree again, but what a tree, in real life I mean, not this one! I wonder if I will be obsessed with it as Cezanne’s Mont Sainte-Victoire or David Hockneys Totem Tree. Lol

Great variation of grasses and I love the solitary tree. It’s as if life is about to burst through and take root Fiona.

This is gorgeous Fiona- love it.

Wow! That is so good, Fiona - the tree, grasses and the feeling of movement!

An attractive piece of work Fiona.

Excellent painting Fiona, love it all but especially the sky

Lovely painting Fiona. Loose and compelling. Has the whole story been told. It has that little bit of mystery about it.

Lovely view, I like how you achieved the softness and the hazy blue distance, gorgeous Fiona.

Really caught my eye but didn’t recognise it as yours Fiona, so not predictable!😉🧐

Another special one Fiona.

Many thanks Russell. Karen thank you very much. I usually state what I’ve painted on, sorry I forgot on this occasion. Not acrylic paper, it’s sugar paper but not the thin craft type, it’s really thick paper, bordering on card really. It will take anything...oils, acrylic, ink, you can soak it and stretch it as you do watercolour paper and it dries to form a tight stiff surface. I don’t normally do that however. I sometimes put a coat of gesso on it but mainly I paint straight on the raw buff surface.

Carole, Sarah, Anne, Stephen, David, Paul, Chris, Carole, Katy, Sylvia ....I’m overwhelmed by your generous and kind comments.....thank you all very much! X

Wonderfully atmospheric

My word Fiona, that’s a good one! Lovely light and the Moss grasses look great. I’d hang that on my wall ... inspiration needed in Llangarrron!

Love this, Fiona - didn’t recognise it as one of yours to start with! Super tree and colours, especially that bright blue strip on the horizon.

This is fabulous Fiona, not a word I usually use, but your tones around the tree are excellent and you have achieved atmosphere and depth really well.

A powerful depiction of the scene with wonderfully flowing style!

This is lovely Fiona.

Like this a lot and the mark making is great and works really well

So superb, fantastic painting, with nice colors & great contrast, Fiona!

John, Michael, Tessa, Jenny, C. Taylor, David, Heather, Manoj.....I’m very grateful to you all for taking the time to look at, and comment on, my art. Thank you X

I love your powerful darks, which really convey the light in the picture - not worried by the central horizon in this case: it's well broken-up ... Alan is right to make the point though, because it's a trap for the unwary into which even the most experienced can fall to basically cut a picture in half. But yes, it works!

Lovely soft style.

I love the simplicity of this, Fiona. Love the grass marks.

Thats 'owrait' Fiona, to use a potteries phrase

Such a lovely painting Fiona. The colours work so well together too

Posted by sue toft on Thu 03 Jun 16:47:26

This is really lovely Fiona.

Many thanks for your continued encouragement and kind comments Robert, Jill, Ellen, Justin, Sue and Carol. Much appreciated.

It's just amazing the way you have given us that tree. Almost cottonwoolly, so sensitively painted with those branches portrayed so delicately yet suggesting the age and strength of the tree. The foreground colours and markings are a treat for the eyes. Beautiful Fiona!

Love it. Full of atmosphere and energy. Great colour choice.

Diane, what a lovely comment, thank you very much. Many thanks Paul , much appreciated. Thanks Richard!

Super simple composition that works well Fiona

Fabulous atmosphere and light, beautifully captured. Great work, Fiona!

David, Seok, Gudrun thank you very much for your generous words.

Lovely atmosphere I can feel the movement of a summer breeze in this painting

A well composed beautiful painting !!!

Simon and Bonny, thank you both very much for your support.

Wow Fiona, an absolute stunner of a painting, those gorgeous marks are so effective in drawing your eye in x

Thank you Anjana.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” mixed media.....acrylic, oil pastel and graphite. I love the blonde colours of winters grasses before they come alive again in all shades of green.

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