After Lowry....


It’s an excellent example of your versatility Fiona, great job!

I thought it was an original Fiona . You need to sign it Lowry and of to the auctions , lol.

wow, fantastic, love this.

Marvellous, what a terrific Lowry even down to the big boots.

Wonderful, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled. She should be! Is J Fletcher significant?

Lowry it is Fiona, in every respect. Lovely card.

Love it Fiona! I like the perspective and the figures just coming into the picture.

Thanks Al! you think Dennis, I’ll split the reward with you! Thank you Yoko. Thank you very much Stephen! Thanks Tessa, she usually is chuffed.....J. Fletcher is her Thank you very much Jim, appreciate your feedback. Marjorie, thanks very much! Do you like my modern hoodie, bottom right? Hope you are well.

It's so wonderfully Lowry, Fiona. Honestly, I had to take a second look. I've been offline for a few days, due to a cable problem, and this is the first painting I opened once I was up and running again. The mills, smoke, people, mood and dogs are there in all their glory. Great stuff. Bri

Spot on Fiona.

She will love it, Fiona!

This is great, Fiona!

Love it Fiona. Looks like an original lol.

Lol...Brian thank you. Perhaps I could find my fortune in impersonating the Lowry style! My sister would want them all! Many thanks Sylvia, Mia, Ruth, Brian and Paul, your comments are truly appreciated. X

Super, Fiona. This really hits the spot. Lowry is great.

Love it, Fiona, and the colours are just right. (I remember the one you did last year.)

Spectacular effort Fiona, she will frame it I bet!

That is absolutely fantastic! Quite remarkable in its style. My first ever wages were spent on a huge Lowry print. Love it

Brilliant interpretation Fiona what a card

Wow, it’s fabulous Fiona. I too love Lowry.

Not a fan of Lowry but I like your lively rendition, which portrays more optimism Fiona.

Amazing's not as easy as it looks...colours people setting everything long did it take you to paint as I've tried but never get it right😃. They say Lowerys radio or tv needed fixing & lowry offered the repair man a painting as he was short of problem laughed the repair man I'll wait for the money😂😂😂

Very Lowry - esque Fiona, excellent.

Thank you all ever so much for your fabulous feedback, glad you like it. To be honest I’m not a great fan but I love the phone call from my sister when she unwraps the parcel....isn’t it lovely to give and it be appreciated. Les, this is about the fourth Lowry I’ve done and like you, the first couple I found very difficult. They look easy to do but they are certainly not! Saying that, I found this one quite easy, I must be getting use to the I did it in gouache because I wanted it dry to send in the post so the medium might have made a difference, took me a couple of hours I think. I did it in an evening anyway. Glad you like it and thanks very much for your comment and the info about the TV repair man, bet he could kick himself now!

Can I join the throng and congratulate m/s Phipps-Lowry on a terrific painting?

I think your sister will be very pleased with this. I think this is your best of these.

Fiona spent the afternoon looking @how to paint in style of Lowery & the man himself painting in his little house the use of limited colours ....the area was so depressing then but to be honest I don't know why his paintings appeal.....perhaps it's the simple childlike style & blobs of people & scratchy buildings....see what you started😀😦😄 can we see the others😄

Lol....thanks Willie! I hope so Gudrun, I’ll let you know, thank you. Oh dear, sorry Les! Will we expect to see a Lowry-esque painting from you on the gallery after all your studying?! The other two are in my galleries somewhere Les, I wouldn’t even know which one to look in. The last one, I can tell you, I did in pastels and it was either 2017 or 2018. Many thanks again for you interest.

I will have another crack @ Lowery sometime...... don't know about the wall more like aiming for the paper bin😂😃😀.....usually paint in watercolour but think I've got some cheap gouache & tub of gessoe somewhere....but seriously I think it's so nice that you can appreciate other artists work & see what paintings appeal & read all the varied comments😮😮😄

I hope you do have another go Les, you might surprise yourself! I agree with you about the gallery, it’s great to see what other people get up to and it’s so varied. I enjoy the dialogue about individual paintings too, as we’ve done over this one. I’ll keep an eye for your Lowry! Lol 😂

Hang on Studio Wall

14”x12” gouache and a bit of pencil on gessoed board. I paint a Lowry every Christmas for my sisters Christmas card, she’s mad on Lowry! It’s bigger than your normal card I admit.

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