A Load of Rubbish!


You all rummaged through the village garage scrap heap? That's dedication and very different. Inspirational as well from the result here which might lead to an abstract painting? Is that the garage near to the bridge? lol

Thanks Paul! My favourite piece was the exhaust. I think that was tutors idea Carole, unrecognisable objects so your mind is free to wander. Thank you. Even better Louise, it’s the garage near the pub! Hiccup. I think that’s his idea, abstract, mixed media, anything goes. He gave us homework to look at the work of Paul Nash for inspiration. Last weeks class was the same objects, different arrangement and a different medium. Today’s class was detailed pencil drawing of one object......next week it’s play time! I’ll post the other rubbish over the next day or so. Thanks Louise. Ha ha Dennis, I do like tinkering I have to say, my dad was an engineer and so is my husband.....something must have rubbed off. Thanks very much for your comment and pop your car round anytime you like!

I wondered why you chose that garage..I should have guessed. lol Seriously though, it sounds good and it'll be interesting to see where you go with the idea. You're not touching my car though!

Louise, where is your sense of adventure?! Lol. Me too Carole, thank you. Alan, you’ve got to recognise at least the exhaust system for goodness sake. I expect you are only familiar with the loose nut, behind the steering wheel x thank you.

What an interesting exercise, Fiona - your art group sounds like fun! I like the monochrome, would also make an interesting abstract with some colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

16”x12” charcoal & chalk on Canson grey. Art group term started a couple of weeks ago and we started off rummaging through the village garage Scrap heap! Concentrating on shapes rather than recognisable objects....hence the car parts......except I know what they are, so still have a preconceived idea of what they should look like.

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