Just for interest

Just for interest

Actually I know exactly what you mean with this Fiona and I dabbled a little with something similar in my two pastel portraits prior to David Frost, I wanted to test myself a little just using white pastel on black so that I had to really push the boundaries of tonal work, what sparked it with me was seeing some black and white photos and how attractive they can be, you are clearly thinking along similar lines with your work now, it is interesting to dabble a little with new areas every once in a while!

This is very interesting as it makes the scene look entirely different. Very striking and eye catching.

Looks great Fiona! An interesting result for hitting a wrong button.

It,s not a mistake - it,s art - & how well t works !

Well well - the things you discover by accident....

We don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents, quote from Bob Ross.

Wow, an interesting take, Fiona. It has a totally different feel, but it stands pretty well on its own!

I do that all the time! just out of interest and yes it can make some wonderful marks stand out in a piece of art.

Hang on Studio Wall

I know it isn't strictly a new painting, it's a negative of the sketch I posted yesterday. Don't know how I manged to hit the negative button but I thought it was interesting to see how the pen marks stand out so much more. Personally I prefer it to the original. I might have a look at other pen work in this format.......really brings out the caligraphy of the marks. No comments necessary.

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