Golspie Pier

Golspie Pier

I love the colours in this Fiona -and it looks so peaceful. I can really see the effect of what you were advising me to do in including a darker contrast -the pier & wooden groyne really give it depth & distance. I really like it.

Love your colours and your style, fish and chips on the beach is definitely a must!

A beautiful, peaceful watercolour Fiona! Lovely sky and water.

There's something mystical almost about this scene, Fiona - the gentle colours with the strong contrast for the structures and I love the way your sky and sea blend into one. Really lovely - and I hope the fish and chips were too!

Ah, fish and chips ...... and on the beach.... Heaven on earth.......... Like this; on the whole.......... overall colour is very attractive, figures OK.... and I know how difficult they are to do in watercolour; I don't know, I may be quite wrong, but the groyne (not sure about the spelling) is the same tone as the distant pier, and is a bit irregular: these things were quite carefully constructed on the whole; they got weathered, obviously, but they're more substantial than a fence, for example, with which you can take all sorts of liberties. Just a thought, really - I've lived on the coast for a goodly proportion of my life, and on the whole the beach "furniture" is of a regularity and strength which reflects its function. Maybe I'm just missing the strong vertical features which have been in your more recent paintings - ie, the trees! I like trees ...... gimme trees!!

Just one more thing - are you sure about the size of the groyne in relation to the size of the figures? I suspect it would be a bit gigantic by the time they got to it. BUT - I've had my dinner; and I have a drinkypoo before and with dinner (when I can). So bear this in mind............ (Because I can't!)

Fiona, this is a lovely fresh and peaceful picture.

Carol, Rebecca, Christine, Satu, Jane, Robert and Louise many, many thanks for your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated. The fish and chips were scrummy by the way!! Now Mr. Jones, I've had a drinkypoo too.......have another look at the picture and squint your eyes......perfect!! But seriously, I hate doing figures but felt that a bit of life ought to be included and I can never get the proportions right, so I take that one one the chin. The groyne however is nothing to do with me, that is all the fault of my brush! I have one of those Rosemary & co extra,extra pointy brushes and although it's very useful for those straight lines, it doesn't do blocky shapes too well. Lesson learnt. On the subject of trees, I love them too but I don't want to become predictable. Thank you for your wise words Robert.

Nice, fresh watercolour, the paper gives a nice texture.

Another lovely watercolour Fiona, everything has been said and far better than I could put it. Keep them coming.

Lovely watercolour Fiona.

Nice one Fiona, lovely loose and fresh.

Thank you Stephen, Glennis, Pete and Peter for your continued support. Coming from artists such as yourselves, it's quite special and means a lot.

Very nice scene and lovely loose washes in that great peach colour. My favourite.

Thank you Sarah, I've done another 'peachy' one today. On this one I've used light red, but the one today is Cad. orange.

What a charming tableau, Fiona, and so atmospheric!

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This is another watercolour from my trip to the East coast. Had fish & chips on the beach, husband had a snooze, I did this. Other than ourselves there were only two families on this stretch of beach; it goes on for miles.......not another soul.......lovely! Old Holland watercolours on cotton rag paper.

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