One of my byre doors

One of my byre doors

ahh! Thanks for this Fiona. I like the look of these Brusho inks, I haven't come across them before and the block form appeals to me. The bright colours are right up my street :) They look like a product I had many years ago and have been looking for ever since, so thanks again, I'm actually quite excited to get my hands on these!

No problem Louise, hope you get yourself a set.......your compositions would look great with the intense colours. Looking forward to you getting a set!!!!

Those ink colours are so brillant, Fiona. Wonderful result, well done!

This is interesting, Fiona! Never heard of brusho inks, but I like the vibrancy of the painting. Would be interested in seeing how this develops in your future paintings.

Thank you Seok you are very kind.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another one for Louise, in 'Brusho' inks........I do apologise for the terrible picture!!

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