Blakeney, Norfolk

Blakeney, Norfolk

Like the sky treatment in this painting Fiona and the way you managed to reflect the sky colours in the water,

Tight or not - you have captured a very peaceful scene quite beautifully.

This is just lovely, Fiona. Very well done! Now let's see your next oil "after Alan". Thank you very much for your comments on my effort, After you and Alan. You really helped me on to the next picture, (as did the remarks from Jane).

Super sky and well done on the water. I am trying oils just now so I know its not easy. Good job

Posted by N. Fen on Tue 19 Jul 17:48:34

love the colours in the dramatic sky, well done. I've still not tried oils yet.

Posted by K 0 on Tue 19 Jul 18:56:09

Fiona ---nothing wrong with this ---the sky is amazing { and I do mean this }----My next next comment is not to pull you down --far from it-- try painting the same picture with a far bigger sky and the boat just black,----With that amount of water you seem to have lost your way at the bottom of the painting --- This painting is not tight just needs thinking about. FIONA darling have another GO --------- If I have upset you will you please put it down to a struggling to paint old man--- Happy painting gel

Thank you all so very much, your comments are really appreciated. Charles you are absolutely right about loosing my way, I enjoyed doing the sky but started to panic with all that water!!! I'm not upset at all but enlightened.......and I would never dream of putting you down as a " struggling to paint old man". I've seen your paintings remember!!!

Just a passing thought, Fiona. Might this have something to do with the horizon level??!! (Sorry).

There is a lovely serene feeling to this painting

It's back to big skies for me in future Lionel, you're right water is scary!!! Thank you Teresa, I took the photo after a lovely meal at the Blakeney Hotel as the sun was setting on my fortieth birthday.

Fiona , this is gorgeous! Love the sky, especially, and your composition is superb.Love everything about the painting.

Wow, Fiona, this is lovely. Beautiful sky and reflections in the water!Well done!!

Thank you very much Mia and Seok, you are very generous.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil done from a photo taken at Blakeney. I set out to do a loose impression of the sunset, and ended up with a picture far too tight...not keen. Size quarter imp.

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