Quick sketch

Quick sketch

You know you get better with each painting , doodle or experiment, and they are always good to see.

Fiona, this is a wonderful sketch! The colors really glow and there's a lot of character in the cottage. Just lovely.

Thank you both very much. I never know how strong to make the wash, for it to be a 'wash' rather than a watercolour, and do you include shadows? It was mainly an exercise of drawing with ink. I found I preffered to use a piece of stick rather than a dip pen. No room for fiddling then!

Lovely immediate and carefree sketch. Pale palette contrasts very well with the ink.

Thank you Thea

Found you! This POL system is very quirky and doesn't make it easy to find other users! Lovely little sketch Fiona - I see you have an eye for architecture too.

Hang on Studio Wall

A quick a pen & wash sketch (done with a piece of stick), of a friends cottage.

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Galloway, Scotland.

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