what went wrong?!

what went wrong?!

Wouldn't giggle .... I'm not sure that anything really went wrong here, you did what you wanted to do and experimented: only you can know if it's come off or not. Some lovely colour in it, which is what appeals to me; I suppose, if pressed, I'd ask why cut it all up, but then - I'm a bit unimaginative! I think this sort of image either needs to be extremely simple, or extremely complex - but this was your first crack at it I think, so you still have a lot of room for further experiment.

Thank you for your encouragement Robert, it is my first attempt and I couldn't honestly tell you why I cut the puffins up. The only part I actually like about it is the vegitation, but I'll have another go sometime.

I like it Fiona! Abstract work is so liberating, you don't need to think of eye levels or the light coming from anywhere, just do it. I hope that you'll give it another go.

Hi Fiona, just had another look at your gallery [ so little time so many galleries!] but I was struck by this one - I really like it for a first attempt, hope you carried on with this theme!

Hang on Studio Wall

carrying on from the puffin theme, I thought I'd have a go at an abstract. This is my first attempt at anything using my imagination...think I'll stick to real life and photo's!! It seems I don't have an imagination? Not too much giggling now.

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