stone bridge

stone bridge

I can see what you were trying to do by fading the foliage to the bridge but it still has to have form and texture as your grass has on the bridge, the stream could benefit by some reflections and shadows, where is the light coming from ? a most important starting point , I hope these comments help you Fiona and I look forward with interest to your next posting, : )

I wouldn't be too disappointed if I were you ! I rather like the foliage and the hazy pinkness of it. Infact it's a nice work. All it needs, in my opinion, is a darkening of the stream in the foreground. A few brush strokes of darker colour (perhaps introducing a little pink to the grey) gradually getting lighter as the stream recedes. The stream is too light I think. Leave the rest alone! If you do this it would be good to see here. Well, you did ask - hope this helps and hope I'm right !! Louise

Thank you both for your constructive criticism....I'll have another shot at it and post the results, don't hold your breath on an improvement though!!!! Thanks again

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It hasn't turned out how I would wish, any comments would be appreciated. The idea was the foliage fading up to the bridge.......turned out a bit 'wishy washy'

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