Bumblebees and columbines


Like this a lot Emma

I love the bee that is hovering.

Thank you Heather, Carole and Katy.

Posted by Emma P on Wed 20 May 19:18:11

Beautifully painted and an excellent explanation of how the different bees work. It’s fascinating to watch the short tongued nip round the back! Lol

Delightful painting. I thought these were aquilegia aka grannies bonnet.

A beautiful and delicate looking painting

Thank you Fiona, Linda and Paul - Linda, you’re right, Columbine is just another name for aquilegia.

Posted by Emma P on Thu 21 May 09:25:22
Hang on Studio Wall

It’s World Bee Day today; this watercolour shows a Buff-tailed bumblebee (bottom centre) ‘robbing’ a columbine flower; her tongue is too short to get in the flower the right way, so she nips round the back, bites a hole and sucks out the nectar without pollinating the flower. The longer tongued Early Bumblebee on the right will do the job properly. So that’s why it’s best to have lots of different species of bee - they all do slightly different jobs!

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