Boabab Tree Praise

Boabab Tree Praise

I too have problems getting darks, but suggest you try Sepia, either on its own or mixed with French Ultramarine or Indigo; or Prussian or Pthalo (Winsor, Monestial - all sorts of names!) Blue with Cadmium Red. Viridian with Cad Red can work well, too. My only problem with your painting is the light source - it looks as if it's coming from the top right, but you've got the shadow of a tree coming in from the left: was it meant to be a fallen tree? If so, one of the darks suggested above should help.

Robert - Many thanks for taking the time to comment. I'll deffinetaly use your advice in getting a darker colour for the fallen tree. I can see that it can be seen as a shadow instead of a fallen tree. Your input much appreciated.

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Watercolour on 300gms paper, Size a4. I painted this as a challenge. I do have difficulty in getting strong dark colour with watercolour. All comments helpful and most welcome.

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