Letters, graffiti on textures inside their limited accomodation and the returning warrior looking forward to a rest.

Perceptive as ever Derek, thank you.

Diane, I understand were you are coming from having been to that dark place myself in the past but like you moved on even though it stays with you in some form like a bad friend. Coming from an army family and spending many years on the mountains having good and bad times, this work to me encompasses that time when people in all three of those situations, depression, the army and on a high mountain in a bad time, reach a point when they hit a brick wall with no way through, then suddenly a ray of light, way out, a small hope appears. I know that is a bit heavy but that's the feeling this great bit of work gives to me, nice one Diane and stick in there, it's will be worth it.

A heart felt thank you Malcolm. If someone had asked me what I wanted to come from this painting, your reaction is what I would have hoped for but never dreamt of getting. I was very moved to read your comment. Indeed depression is always just a shadow away, sometimes there sometimes not; the trick seems to be to try and remember that neither state is permanent.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic paint, ink and collage on board. 6ocm x 50cm

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Diane Schofield

Colour, shape, pattern are the stuff of life to me, I always carry a sketchbook and will stop anywhere to make a line drawing of whatever catches my eye. Elements of those drawings appear in my paintings at some point but aren't ever a complete work in themselves, they are more like notes that hang…

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