a disconnect

a disconnect

I can't help but see jiving in some steamy jazz club back in the early 60's. But then it's just my imagination reacting to your work Diana. And nothing like you intended it to be.

Such a subtle palette and a myriad of narratives possible here Diane.

Lots of possibilities, you’ve allowed us to use and follow our imaginations Diane.

This looks amazing Diane. I really like this type of figure paintings you do, very imaginative.

Mystery and intrigue

A wonderful image, so many ways to interpret Diane.

Like it.

Interesting image, and lovely colours, Diane.

I find this disturbingly beautiful. It can bear being looked at for a long time.

You've given her great style, Diane. Terrific painting love all those textural hints.

I find this a very powerful painting, Diane.

Thank you so much for all your comments. All very interesting!

I think that's how we might all be feeling at the moment!

Heather, yes! Strangely,I hadn't consciously associated it with the pandemic!

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic and drawing pen on A3 mixed media paper.

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