abstract 5

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Like this a lot - have said it before but am really enjoying how you're working

Thank you Heather : )

That is interesting Diane, it could be a Sea Fan coral on one of the reefs, like the textures, nice one.

Thanks Malcolm. The picture has more to it than shown but would not let me load as said it was too big. I was going to call it 'Underwater plant forms'.

Hi Diane, I have an app called Adobe Photo shop and I use that to reduce the size of photos that I post or email so that they will always be accepted, do not know if you can get something similar, just thought that may help.

Thanks Malcolm. I don't usually have a problem. I don't have photoshop right now.

Your work is always a lovely surprise Diane. It’s different and fresh, like this!

Thank you Fiona.

Love this !

beautiful. Its amazing how we interpret what we see...many different ways :)

Thank you Sarah x

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on paper.

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Diane Boswell

I started painting for the first time during 'lockdown'. It is a process of discovery.

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