Have you got an umbrella?


Wow, you are getting super good at this. I would never be disappointed if I was you Diana.

Lovely Diana it seems like I'm looking through the car window , very effective well done Diana . More street scenes from you would be great.

I am not surprised, you should be happy with this one Diana it’s an absolute beauty.

What wonderful effects of rain on glass, brilliant Diana.

Lovely painting Diana!

Wow amazing Diana

Great effects Diana.

Superb depiction of weather Diana.

Brilliant Diana! The cars are so good as well as your wonderful rain!

I reached for my specs when I saw this Diana....and realised I was already wearing them! You’ve mastered this distorted view through a wet windscreen, it’s absolutely brilliant! You’re a genius.

Lovely effects, beautifully painted.

A fantastic painting, Diana!

This is very clever stuff. Love the distortional view, as if you are looking through a window. You can feel the water emerging from the painting. Incredibly effective Diana.

Amazing, you have captured the look and feel perfectly

Absolutely stunning. A real beauty.

Great painting, can just feel the rain. And I love the title.

The rain effect in your painting is incredible Diana. It’s so lifelike. Well done.

Unbelievable. Brilliant!!

Terrific painting - very effective, Diana

I can't imagine anyone else being able to paint something like this Diana, I think it's remarkable!

Very impressed Diana

Thank you Heather. That’s a lovely thing to say and I really appreciate it. Hello Dennis and thank you. I shy away from streets with buildings. I struggle with perspective. Thank you very much Barry After painting a few of similar subjects , I achieved the watery look I was after. Thank you Carole. You are so encouraging and I appreciate you taking the time to comment Thank you Linda. I value your ongoing interest. Thank you David. I’m pleased you like it. I drive a very hard bargain with myself! Thank you very much Ronald It’s enjoyable and challenging to mix the soft and hard lines Evening Jim and thanks for being there with more encouragement. Thank you Diane. I would never dream of painting cars normally. Fiona, your generous feedback is so complimentary. I’m delighted you think their one ‘works’

Thank you Denise. I am delighted to read your lovely message Hello Mia and thank you again for your interest. Much appreciated. You Carole. I’m pleased to read your lovely feedback Thank you so much Hilary. Lovely to receive your complimentary feedback. Thank you Paul and Sandra. Your comments are very encouraging. Thank you so much Christine I finally achieved the watery feel I wanted. Thank you Audrey. I really value your opinion. Thank you Maureen. I had a few weeks when I struggled to concentrate for more than a few brush strokes at a time I remained on task with this one. Thanks Russell. You really do boost my confidence which needs a good kick up the rear sometimes !!

Thank you very much Andrew. Much appreciated

Fantastic! The drizzled effect is amazing, well done Diana!

Thank you Angela. I actually took some time to plan the sequence of the washes before starting this one. Maybe something I need to do more often Thank you so much Judith. The masking probably took the longest.

Incredible work Diana, so amazing!

Morning Alan. Many thanks. I’m about to read your article about oil painting. Much needed !

Well this just takes my breath away Diana, it’s so exciting, just brilliant.

So impressed Diana. So competent but more than that, so creative. Absolutely love it.

It sums up the weather, well most of the time. Excellent work.

Switch on the wipers :-).... Brilliant Diana!

Very impressive, Diana!

Thank you so much Elaine. That’s the most wonderfully encouraging comment Thank you for your motivating compliment Fen. Much appreciated Thank you Gudrun. There has certainly been a lot of it! Thank you Regloh. I am either a passenger or stationary when I take the photographs! Sometimes I pull over and stop when I’m driving 😂 Thank you very much Anne. I really appreciate your interest

Never seen anything like it Amazing work love it

Stunnin painting Diana. Every your work is a delightful surprise!

Just spotted this on Painter's online Instagram page, love it 😁😁

What a great compliment Robert. Thank you so much. You are always so generously supportive Cesare. Much appreciated. Thank you Margaret. This one just went the way I wanted from the first brush stroke.

Great painting with a real contemporary look. It is so good I feel I am going to need my umbrella!

Thank you very much Stephen

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Half imperial watercolour on Saunders Waterford CP 300lb paper I have been disappointed with my work lately and have finally produced something I’m happy with! Predominantly French ultramarine, burnt Sienna and Perylene green.

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