Wake up


This positively sparkles Diana, really beautiful.

You really have mastered the sheen on glass & chrome Diana.

Superb work Diana. Love the title, the reflections and the whole idea.

Silk purses from sow's ears. Magical work Diana.

Beautiful work Diana, stunning colours.

Really stands out.

Beautiful light and shine in this piece

Lovely shine and striking light reflections Diana.

Simple subject, lovely result.

Love the colour in the cafetier (spelling??), Diana.

Excellent painting, the light reflections are beautifully done.

Lovely Diana, I simple adore your work. always beautifully painted and observed

Thank you Fiona. My kitchen, as you’re probably well aware has wonderful light Thank you Brian. I have to stand to paint this at an easel which is a novelty Thank you Carole The light was pouring through the glass casting wonderful shadows Thank you Jim. Sometimes it works in reverse too😂 Thank you Denise. The turquoise really compliments that Burnt sienna. Thank you Stephen. Standing at an easel encourages bolder brush movement Thank you Eleanor. I’m working on mess limitation too !! Someone suggested puppy training pads to clean brushes on. Excellent idea. Thank you Carole It was a gift waiting to be painted. Thanks Marjorie. From the complexity of all the glasses etc in the last watercolour to something bold and expressive!

Thank you Helen. I am delighted to have your interest. Many thanks Russell. It’s always good to hear from you. Thank you Shirley. I would have to look up that word. Too. Spelling not my strong point

Thank you Eric Glad you like it Much appreciated Paul I love the smell of the paints too😂 Heather, that is such a lovely compliment. We are lucky to have a hobby to pass all these months. If I didn’t have art, I would probably have knitted endless non fitting, unnecessary jumpers !

Great work! Lots of detail but you have managed to retain lovely loose strokes. The highlights are excellent.

Filled with light and warmth - lovely!

An absolutely stunning piece, Diana! The smooth metallic surface of the French press is beautifully painted.

Wow! Love this as it gives off so much at,ospjere, warmth and light.

Sorry, my comment should have read atmosphere not gobbledygook!

Thank you Brian. I really am just playing and experimenting with the medium so one minute it looks ok and then a brush stroke later , awful. At leat it can be re painted. Thank you Linda. I loved the burnt sienna / turquoise contrasts. Thank you Seok. It’s interesting to apply the same tonal workings as in watercolour but in reverse Thank you Sandra. I’m having a great time exploring the paint qualities Thank you Vicky. I make so many typing errors that , I can usually guess what was intended 😂

Wow! I love this

Posted by Sue Mann on Wed 31 Mar 13:50:11
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In the summer I had a try at oil painting. I am returning to a few which are worth completing. 25x13 ‘oil on canvas

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