City Business

City Business

Love the down light in this, brilliant Dennis!

One of my best Carole that was lovely and quick as I was dying to post it thanks so very much

Great painting Dennis, beautiful contrast between the dark foreground and the light in the background.

Many thanks Cesare very much appreciated indeed

Full of life and vitality Dennis. Good work.

Many thanks Jim and Margaret very kind indeed

Very creative Dennis! All those suggestive lines and marks make sense. I think so far my favourite from your portfolio.

Posted on Tue 30 May 16:31:16

Bet you can't wait for it all to arrive Dennis, what a delight ;))

Lovely work. Hope you enjoyed spending the money.

Superb urban feel to your painting -all so loose and free.

Many thanks Ibolya glad you like it yes Carole I am so excited expect a kaleidoscope of a Painting soon and Linda I have never been happier. First competition I have ever won in art and I am sixty three so I say keep at it you never know

Many thanks Willie you are too kind indeed

Congratulations Dennis. Looking forward to seeing your new paintings. Have fun with all your new goodies.

Many thanks Sarah yes I won't know where to start very much appreciated indeed

What a glorious painting this is. I envy your mega shop!!

Superb in every way Dennis! Congratulations on your win and I can't wait to see what you produce with the new materials.

Many thanks Gudrun it was hard work and it wasn't even my money and lovely to hear from you Fiona i was wondering if you were ok thank you and I hope i will be worthy of it but no point worrying at my age anything is a plus. So very kind

A beautiful painting Dennis, love the way you have handled the contrast between the light and dark

Thanks so much David you have helped me greatly as all my friends here very much appreciated indeed

Fantastic work Dennis

Thanks so much Satu and Petra so very kind of you indeed


What a great painting, such rich colours. Enjoying your spending spree!

Many thanks Dennis and Annette so much appreciated indeed

I can't remember how many times I've said this about your work Dennis, but this has to be 'one of your very best' pieces - composition, colours, atmosphere - I love everything about it!

Many thanks Russell you are a superb artist too . You are very kind I love your last two. monks

Like it very much Dennis, success as usual. Lots of good painting with your £500' worth of materials to come I hope!!! Congratulations.

Yes George me too I hope i can make the most of this decent spell very much appreciated sir

An absolute winner Dennis. Love this one :)

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic 20*24" have just ordered five hundred quid of materials took me a week to choose so I can now not be afraid to waste paint and paper time doesn't matter

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