Water thru Rocks

Water thru Rocks

Thankyou Dennis I'm a broken man today I loved him like a son .

Very nice work Dennis.

Many thanks Gudrun. I feel for you Dennis there is nothing like losing a cherished one time will help your pain I hope

Thank you Dennis very much I have thought of you lately look after yourself my friend.

Thanks Dennis things aren't going that well for me too and have been a bit depressed but I guess we have to struggle on somehow

I shall return the compliment Dennis - awesome!! I'm sorry to hear that you're in a dark place at the moment Dennis, stay strong.

No choice Many thanks Russell

Great use of colour as always.

An exciting composition and beautiful painting Dennis. Missed your work, thinking of you x

Glad and relieved to see your lovely work back again Dennis. Hope things get better soon.

Many thanks Carole and Marjorie the world is in a state of chassis

Very expressive dennis

Beautiful painting, I've missed you too, glad to see you back. I am sorry things not good at present, hope that improves.

Congratulations Dennis! Sorry I hadn't said so earlier, Gudrun just alerted me to the results, I'd completely missed them.

Many thanks Derek Thanks Sandra Gudrun and and Marjorie yes fame at last

Flowing and free.

Many thanks Sylvia you are too kind

Great painting, Dennis. Take care of yourself and best wishes.

So kind of you Cesare will try my best

very accomplished work Dennis hang in there my friend

Thanks David always do very kind

Sorry I missed this one Dennis. Masterfully painted.

Many thanks Maureen and Henry you are too kind indeed

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic my homage to the brilliance of Chas Wilby

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Born 1953 it was a good day for the world. BA Hons fine art then PGCE. Had two one man shows Huddersfield and Wakefield and Mirfield. Fell ill 25 years ago but now paint small scale. All for sale To cut a long story short when seventeen to twenty one worked twelve hour shifts at Chemicals grinding…

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