First Pastel

First Pastel

I love the sky in this Margaret, beautiful sunset. Have you tried velour pastel paper, it really holds the pigment so you don't get so much dust. Another tip - put a piece of paper under your hand to prevent picking up pigment or smudging.

Oh don't give up on them Margaret, you have produced a lovely scene, I love your choice of colour, yes they are messy to use but I find a towel on my lap helps keep me clean and also a packet of baby wipes keeps my hands clean !!!

Bey colours you used Margaret, you could persevere for a bit longer as this is promising.

This is really good, especially as you haven't used pastels before. Yes they are messy but there isn't any smell and they are easy to clear up. Try using sennelier card or pastelmat as they don't give off so much dust. I think the way you have used the colours on this painting is great and I wouldn't give up yet.

Thank you so much Lynn, Linda, Carole and Carole. I did use pastelmat as I like using it with coloured pencils, I think that compared to CP's which are so clean to use, this just seemed messy. I really admire the pastel artists who produce such wonderful pieces. I expect I will have another go at some point and thanks for the encouragement.

A delightful pastel painting Margaret, the rocks and the lake look well formed and the sky is beautiful with the sunset ,a nice tranquil atmosphere created here! Well done!

Don’t give up yet, Margaret. This is lovely for a first time. I can get in mess with acrylics, but I’ve got an apron now and I always wear and old top. Tesco baby wipes work well too.

Yes, Margaret, do not give up ,the colours and the water are beautiful, so are the rocks and the sky, I roll up my sleeves when using pastels.Give it another go, Margaret.

Great sky and excellent for first effort in this medium.

Thank you everyone, all your comments are so encouraging.

Beautiful, love the colours, very well done

You are very kind Tracey, thank you.

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24x34cms Pastel pencils and soft pastels. My first try with pastels! I've had a go before but didn't seem to get anywhere but this time I've had a good try but I don't think these are for me. I don't like the mess they make, not to mention my messy hands, so I don't think I will be using them very much in the future!!

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