Mysterious Galaxies

Mysterious Galaxies

Looking at them now I think I've put too many stars!

You can never have too many stars, Margaret. These portrayal could be out there, who knows... Do you think he could have meant the chocolate :)

Posted by C Jones on Tue 05 Mar 11:01:36

Carol has just made me laugh! I love how you've approached the subject Margaret, really excellent work.

These are beautiful and vibrant, Margaret. Excellent work.

Nice work Margaret. Lets the imagination run riot....

Beautiful and you have really caught the vastness Margaret

Beautiful Margaret, you've caught this excellently in my mind. Love them and just enough stars...

That's different Margaret, so colourful. They would look great framed up and displayed together.

Carol that is so funny! 🤔 Perhaps that's what he meant, lol. Many thanks Alan, Ellen, Jim, Dennis, Lesley, Val, Michael and Gudrun, I really appreciate your kind comments.

If he did at least you have got the squares!!! Love them Margaret.

Love the use of colour and star details.

Love the colours and ideas, very beautiful and mind searching, Margaret.

Lovely colours Margaret.

Beautiful Margaret and looks great as a set

Hang on Studio Wall

These are small, each 5"x7" watercolours. Hubby said why don't you paint some galaxies, so I did!!

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