Through the Window at Hill Top Farm

Through the Window at Hill Top Farm

Well done on getting a "Highly Commended", Margaret - well deserved! And I agree with you about the colour of the windows and gate!

Thank Jan, I'm so glad you agree with me.

Congratulations Margaret, it's a delightful scene and the window frames it beautifully.

Congratulations on the "Highly Commended", Margaret. This really is great.

Good one Margaret. Who's to say what a gate and window looks like at any given place? It is your interpretation in any case.

I love it, Margaret. Congratulations on 'highly commended'.

Thank you Mia, Dorothy and Ellen.

Well I presumed the window panes were in the shade anyway and they used to be made of metal? Anyway I think a great cottagey scene Margaret.

Congrats Margaret on a beautiful piece of work

Margaret I liked this painting very much. It expresses what you wanted to say admirably.

Thank you so much Alan, your comment is greatly appreciated.

Your painting is so beautiful Margaret, I love it.

Thank you Shuli, I appreciate your comments.

And I agree too, I think the dark frames being in the foreground pushes/leads the eye forward into the painting. I find themes difficult personally, I have to say. Generally I paint something when I look at a scene and feel that I would like to do a painting of it, like the painting of the magnolia blossoms on the tree in my front garden. Any other, lighter tone on the windows would've become lost in the mid tones of the scene, in my opinion.

Thank you Caroline for taking the time to comment on my painting, really appreciated.

This is fantastic Margaret. Very well executed and lots of depth.

I was just going to say, before I read the details, that it would look great as an illustration for a book. I love the bright colours and the kind of view I'd love to have from my window.

Posted on Tue 30 May 16:26:56

Your comments are so nice Ibolya, thank you!

How lovely and well built up , makes me smile . Very pretty Margaret

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Watercolour 6" x 4" I painted this for a County competition in WI. The theme of the comp was Beatrix Potter and this class required a painting entitled 'Through the Window at Hill Top Farm'. I chose to paint a small one after numerous attempts on a larger scale, anyway I did get a 'Highly Commended' for my effort. The judge's crit stated that the windows and gate could have been a more 'cottagey colour'. Now as this was supposed to be 150 years ago I don't think it would have had bright colours, that's my opinion anyway!

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