Going, Going Gone

Going, Going Gone

Nothing silly about it Margaret let's all be silly

Thanks Dennis, it's nice to have days when you don't do things as they should be done!

It's a great idea Margaret and you demonstrate much patience in your work, unlike me.

Thank you Alan. I'm afraid I wasn't so careful with this one!

Lovely colours in that tulip Margaret

Well, it turned out pretty good Margaret. Beautiful harmonious colours.

Posted on Fri 07 Jul 17:02:43

The colours remind me of sticks of rock Margaret. Very good. Whatever would we do without Pixaby!

lovely little bit of silliness., turned into a lovely painting brilliant colours . great work Margearet

Thank you Val and Ibolya. Adele, now you mentioned rock I can see the likeness! Thanks for your comments, and I love Pixabay. Tao, thank you for your lovely comment. I will have to look and see what I can paint next, there are some lovely flowers in the gardens so will have a look around.

Very good, like it Margaret! Not silly at all.

Oh dear, poor flower - great colouring but certainly not silly

Love it, it's how we all are through the course of the day.

Love it..

This is fun, Margaret, lovely blend of colours.

Many thanks Fiona, Chas, Janet, Peter and Jenny.

Lovely work, Margaret as usual. Not at all silly.

Lovely work, Margaret, and nothing silly about it - it certainly describes to perfection the ephemeral nature of these blooms.

Thank you so much Ellen and Seok.

Hang on Studio Wall

14"x10" Watercolour. Saw a photo of this on Pixabay and couldn't resist painting it, a bit of silliness really!

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