Ernest Markham Clematis - Syd's Challenge

Ernest Markham Clematis - Syd's Challenge

Gorgeous velvetiness Margaret beautiful

Absolutely beautiful perfect love the colours

Amazing Margaret. It is more photographic than the photograph.

How on earth did you achieve this in watercolour? And in the time you had? I am reduced to muttering things like 'Cor...', and 'Gor Lumme!'...... Did you use masking for the central um..... what is it called .... thingy, we'll have to settle for? Or paint around it with small brushes? And how did you get those crisp edges?

Many thanks Dennis and Lesley. Thank you Linda, I've got a new tablet which has a marvellous camera, I'm very pleased with it.

Robert, I'm delighted you like my flower! Yes, definitely watercolour - I don't use anything else - I tend to use quite a lot of washes that build up to make it look this way. I did use masking fluid on the centre, I have a handy little pen, (Pebeo drawing gum) which works well, much easier than a brush. I started the painting yesterday afternoon when I saw Syd's challenge and did a few more hours in the evening; I finished the 'thingy' in the middle today. This is the way I like to paint, I suppose it's a realistic style and I love detail! I know a lot of artists don't like work like this but I do and that's all that counts!!

Always be true to yourself Margaret - this is beautiful and you have done Syd proud.

This is georgeous, Margaret. I am thinking of getting in. Maybe tomorrow.

Just lovely .

Margaret you deserve all the feedback given for this flower. it is magnificent. it is so velvety you can almost feel the fabric of the petals. I am not sure where I would find this Syd's challenge but I know I could not do this as well as the painting I am looking at. it is really beautiful WELL DONE.

stunning work margaret it is beautifully painted and the colour is superb . A masterpiece.

Wonderful texture Margaret, a beauty.

Stunning clematis Margaret, wonderful contrasting tones and markings, colour beautiful.

Beautifully painted Margaret, such a gorgeous velvety texture.

Just a delight Margaret.

Just realised I've posted my delight twice....well there you go it is ....🙃

Stunning work Margaret!

Posted on Sat 03 Jun 10:09:28

Absolutely stunning painting ,Margaret . you have captured all the colour and form of the photo of the clematis in detail and the flower is so realistic you can almost feel the softness of the petals. great work, thank you.

Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging comments. A special thank you to Syd for providing such a wonderful photo and challenge, I loved painting this.

Wonderful painting, Margaret.

A delight to look at Margaret. The centre is fantastic.

Tao Berry - you can find Syd's challenge on the Forum part of the website.

Absolutely beautiful, Margaret. You've captured it. The colour is stunning. Well painted.

This is just gorgeous Margaret!

Many thanks Annette, Ellen and Fiona. Robert, I've emailed Tao and she's found it now.

Lovely work, Margaret. The detail is beautifully rendered.

margaret I have been trying to comment onyour lovely painting but somehow no success .your work is very accurate and cant be faulted . wonderful contribution and spot on. well done.

Thank you so much Seok. Syd, I loved trying this challenge so thank you for coming up with this challenge.

Brilliant colour changes! Great Margaret!

Hang on Studio Wall

14"x10" Watercolour. Painted in response to Syd's challenge on the forum.

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