That's lovely Margaret. I never had an image of what flax looked like. I knew that in the 1800s in the part of western Ireland where our family came from there was a need for cultural change to survive into the industrial revolution. It was a static Gealic culture there and when the local landlord suggested they should start growing flax as well as oats and potatoes women in the population were quoted as saying, 'our fathers didn't grow flax, their fathers didn't grow flax and we will not be growing flax'. If they'd grown flax for export they may have survived the oncoming famines for longer.

So well observed and beautifully painted. Lovely work, Margaret.

Lovely painting and delicate colours.

Love the delicate colour Margaret.

Great painting - I used to see fields of this crop - such a lovely sight but not any more - I wonder why?

Love the blue...

There's nothing like looking across a field of flax swaying in the breeze on a summers day, a beautiful sight and so is this Margaret.

Thank you all so much for your comments. Thanks Michael for your story about flax. For some reason, and I don't know why, not having seen flax I always thought that it was yellow. When I saw it in the magazine I had quite a surprise to see that it was such a wonderful colour.

Delightful Margaret. Love it.

Beautiful classical look to this Margaret, well done.

Many thanks Henry and John.

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Watercolour. Inspired by a gardening magazine photo.

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