Lovely painting of one of my favourites

You are very talented Margaret - stay hooked!


Thank you so much for you lovely comments, I really appreciate them.

This is fabulous the shading on the white petals is very good Margaret,

Just having a peek at your gallery, Margaret. You obviously love flowers, botanical in particular. A beautiful gallery. Have you looked at Billy Showell's botanical paintings, because they are composed in quite an unique way.x

Thank you for your lovely comments Jennifer, yes I love Billy Showell I have two of her books. I'm starting to get a library of lovely books, everyone seems to have their own way of painting but I'm hoping some of their expertise will stick in my head!!

Gorgeous, Margaret.. love the colours!

Many thanks Heather. It's so difficult to portray white flowers but I was happy the way this turned out.

Your Daffodils are lovely Margaret. Really an excellent choice for background color it makes a wonderful contrast. I have a garden full of them in various colors and they are such a bright welcome to spring after a dreary winter.

The shadows on the white petals look very skilful. You've captured the characteristics of these flowers so nicely.

Posted on Tue 30 May 16:08:56

I enjoyed painting these Ibolya and was pleased with the result, thank you for your super comment.

Love Daffodils, and you have made a lovely painting of them here. I have thousands that bloom in my garden in the spring since I have kept planting them over the past twenty three years in new places.

Many thanks Paul for commenting.

White flowers are so difficult to paint but the purple shadows and textures make them stand out. It is a beautiful painting.

Fantastic painting, Margaret. Just love this one!!!

This a beaut. The flower petals are very delicate. Do you use masking fluid to preserve your whites?

Thanks Lewis. I do use masking fluid occasionally but recently I've found Pebeo drawing gum which is in a pen form, easy to use and it comes in different thicknesses similar to a felt pen.

Love this. Very harmonious Color scheme.

That’s lovely work Margaret

I've just come across this, looking back at your work - it's fabulous, white flowers are so difficult and the background washes really make them stand out. Well done.

Thank you Lynn, this is one of my f'd couriers and its hanging in our bedroom.

Thank you so much Elaine.

just seen this Margaret, it is absolutely gorgeous

Very nicely composed Margaret a lovely painting beautifully done with the various colors.

This is gorgeous Margaret. I am envious of your watercolour skills.

Really like the composition - beautiful!

Hang on Studio Wall


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