That is lovely Margaret. People do tend to forget the horses, and they of course had no choice. Beautifully drawn.

A great painting, Margaret, I watched War Horse, a while ago and realised what a great help they were during the war.

Well done for remembering them Margaret. Frighteningly, there were some half a million poor beasts of burden died in the first world war. Horses are such gentle trusting creatures; probably a good job because they are so much stronger than humans. Pray they are never needed again for such slaughter.

A wonderful memorial to all the animals that were lost Margaret. You may be interested in this link, David Hannay had the same idea at Sorbie tower this year, an exhibition to commemorate the animals that were killed in service.

Really beautiful Margaret

Thank you Sandra, Annick, Jim and Fiona. As you say Fiona, there were so many animals including dogs who went to war and still are. I will take a look at your link, thankyou.

A most worthy act of remembrance, Margaret. The death of so many animals is a staggering statistic, so it's really great to see your lovely horse and read this thread. Thanks for posting this. Bri

A beautiful memorial peice,love the horse , I agree with all the other comments so much, a really brilliant job Margaret, thankyou for sharing with us.

Yes Margaret, it was so dreadful for them also, lovely sentiment.

Yes Margaret, they played their part bless them. A lovely horse.

Lovely drawing with its warm colours, Margaret. (Upsets me just to think about all those poor trusting horses which were taken off to war and often suffered horribly.)

Thank you everyone for taking the rime to comment, I really appreciate them.

Lovely tribute Margaret. Very well done.

Lovely tribute and gorgeous painting Margaret.

Thanks everyone for you very kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

36x28cms Coloured Pencil. This is to remember all the poor horses who went to war!

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