Peek a Boo

Peek a Boo

So sweet.! Nicely painted, Margaret

Gosh Margaret, this is so good, I love the little chap.

You’re so good as these, Margaret. It’s gorgeous.

That hair looks so silky, brilliant use of your pencils 😀

Pastelmat! Sounds like the name of some bloke. *smile* Beautiful work, Margaret, a treat of a doggy. Bri

This is practice??? Wow!

Excellent Margaret, love the hair.

Lovely Margaret. Lovely sheen on his coat 👍🏻

A very , very good portrait Margaret, love the cute dog.

It's great work Margaret. Colour contrasts are lovely.

Have said it before - Another coloured pencil Masterclass. Great colours.

Gee thanks so much everyone. I really appreciate your lovely comments. 😀 Brian, the pastelmat is made by Clairfontaine and its really for pastel work but it takes coloured pencil so well, I love it!

Lovely Margaret. My son has a dog just like this and she is so adorable. Paste mat is great and comes in lovely colours. Love the hairdo.

He's a sweetie, Margaret! Beautifully drawn.

Great work in coloured pencil Margaret he looks so cute.

Excellent work Margaret, full of character.

What a super painting Margaret you've done him proud.

Thank you so much everyone, such kind comments!

Lovely. I use pastelmat all the time but I often wondered what coloured pencils would look I know. They work well on this surface and it does away with the dust doesn't it.

Thanks Dorothy. I've only recently tried it since seeing someone on YouTube using it with great results. I don't get on with pastels because of the dust but am loving coloured pencils with it.

Hang on Studio Wall

24 x 30cm Coloured pencil on Pastelmat. Reference photo from Pixabay. Just practicing some animal work using pastelmat which I've found is beautiful to work on.

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March 2019 I am self taught, reading from books and watching dvd's and of course YouTube. Watercolour painting was my first love and then I moved on to coloured pencils which I like very much. I have just started using acrylics which are a very different medium but so far I'm enjoying using them…

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